23 June 2023

Euniibert Ventures  by  Albert Obodai Ayertey

In a few words

TO MAKE TOMATO POWDER. The project aims, using innovative means, to transform our surplus farm produce like fresh tomatoes and the rest, that go waste during their season, into preservable powder, which will then be offered for consumption during off season. We lose a lot of tomatoes every year due to supply exceeding demand. Most of these rot in local farmer's markets. Sometimes farmers fail to preserve or to transport tomatoes on time due to poor road network, and many more. Most farmers lose more than half of total tomatoes produced. The proposed project here aims to avoid this waste and make good use of excess tomatoes and reduce post harvest losses. Consumers only add the powder when cooking. No artificial colourings, additives or preservatives. Tomato powder can last more than a year in storage.

Basic information

Stage of business Established / Scaling
Countries of business Ghana

The Team

Role of the entrepreneur manager
Expertise of the entrepreneur I doubled as a sourcing agent, and a marketing personnel, due to my business marketing skills background.