Business Model

Course Name Building your business model (Ghana)
Organisation MDF West Africa
Target Group Entrepreneurs looking to refine their business model
Topics Covered Business Model Canvas, Value proposition, Customer, Marketing, Cost and Revenue

Grow Your Business

Course Name Start-up Academy – Grow Your Business
Organisation Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A)
Target Group Start-ups
Topics Covered Marketing and business development, Deconstruct the business model, Strategic partnerships, Build traction

Brand Management

Course Name Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour
Organisation London Business School / University of London
Target Group Start-ups looking to improve their marketing
Topics Covered Corporate Branding, Brand Marketing, Brand Management, Brand Identity


Course Name Global Entrepreneurship
Organisation Nuffic
Target Group Start-ups
Topics Covered Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Creative and Critical Thinking, Risk-taking, Innovation and Societal Impact, Technology, Leadership

Growth Strategies

Course Name Entrepreneurship 3: Growth Strategies
Organisation Wharton / University of Pennsylvania
Target Group Start-ups looking to grow
Topics Covered Strategic Management, Growth Strategies, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Legal Basics

Course Name Start-up Academy – Your legal business
Organisation Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A)
Target Group Founders looking at legal implications and funding
Topics Covered Legal basics, Funding concepts explained

Introduction to Investments

Course Name Introduction to Investments
Organisation IIMB
Target Group Start-ups looking for investments
Topics Covered Equity markets and Security valuation

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