18 June 2024

Blagodarin LLC  by  ООО Благодарин

In a few words

Blagodarin LLC is a manufacturer and exporter of various vegetable oils around the world. Our products meet all quality standards and retain all useful properties for the consumer. The main goal of the company is to promote ecological products from Russia around the world! Blagodarin LLC is an exporter of Russian natural products without GMOs. At the same time, our trademark "Vkusrus" produces a wide range of oils of vegetable origin and wheat flour. On our website you can view the catalog of products available for transportation, ask questions by e-mail, place an order by contact number. We work on the terms of FCA or CIF, we customs the goods ourselves. We ship in containers by sea through the port of Novorossiysk or by railway wagons. Best wishes https://vkusrus.com/ vkusrus@bk.ru тел: +79183580078 (WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, Zalo, imo) WhatsApp: +79183580078

Basic information

Stage of business Established / Scaling
Countries of business Russia

The Team

Role of the entrepreneur director
Expertise of the entrepreneur At the beginning of October we sent a 1-40 foot container to the port of Ghana. We work on FCA or CIF terms.